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Meet Our Partner Farms

Our partner add-ons are something we hope you consider including in your purchase. It is a great way to support many local producers. Read below to learn a little more about these local producers and what they are offering! 

**Someone was asking us today about our CSA add-ons and understanding our relationship with our partner farms. I realized I must have never really done a good job explaining it… Our relationship is… COMMUNITY! We do not charge any of our CSA add-ons, nor take any fee or money from them. All the money you pay for a CSA add-on… goes STRAIGHT to our partner farms. WHY? Because we just LOVE supporting other local farms that much! We have been blessed to have such wonderful CSA customers and want to be sure they know about as many local producers as possible!! So remember, if you purchase a CSA add-on… you aren't helping us… you are helping another awesome local family!! **

Oink Moo Cluck Add a meat CSA from Oink Moo Cluck in Ashtabula County. At OMC, they raise the animals on a small 100-acre family farm in a healthy and open environment while allowing them to reach their natural maturity on a diet of natural grains and grasses and without the aid of hormones or antibiotics. Unlike many farms, OMC completes its own processing to ensure the most humane treatment of the animals and to maintain complete control of the quality and safety of the final product.

A family membership includes 10 different cuts of meat per month and an individual includes 6 cuts of meat. Members will be responsible with filling out an order form 2 weeks before established delivery date. 

*Please note some products contain artificial preservatives. Contact order@oinkmoocluck.com for more information.


Osage Lane Creamery Tom & Emma Stout began making cheese commercially in May of 2008. Having owned goats for over 20 years, they decided to buy a larger herd and begin producing milk for a commercial enterprise. They currently sell traditional raw goat's milk Feta with a Bulgarian flavor. This cheese is aged 60 days in brine. You will also try flavored cheeses: Garlic/dill, Cranberry/orange, Horseradish, Tomato/basil to name a few. The CSA will also offer a semi-hard cheese called Danish Hansen. It has a flavor between cheddar and asiago. Osage Lane Creamery will offer a 1/3 lb weekly cheese delivery.


Lucky Cat Bakery is a small cottage food bakery producing a variety of artisan breads using only the finest ingredients.  The owner, Andrew Semler, came to central Ohio 6 years ago from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  There he was the owner and head chef of a Japanese and Sushi restaurant for 7 years.  Looking for a change from the restaurant world he started a small farm in Pataskala, OH, Lucky Cat Farm.  While selling vegetables at the Granville farmers’ market he noticed there was no bread available.  Lucky Cat Bakery was started.  Lucky Cat Bakery specializes in 10 artisan breads including; Baguette, Country White, Foccacia, Hearty Sourdough, Multigrain Rye, Ciabatta, Golden Raisin Oat, Wholewheat. None of the breads use egg or milk products but some contain honey. You will receive a loaf of bread a week.


One Line Coffee "One Line Coffee" is a local organic (certified by OEFFA) roaster sourcing coffee from small farms and sustainable co-operatives. You may have enjoyed a cup at River Road Coffeehouse in Granville and Newark. Better coffee means a lot of different things to different people. To One Line Coffee it means flavor and quality, sustainability, and traceability. It means doing everything they can to ensure farmers and workers are treated well, and earn a livable wage. It means telling the stories of coffees, connecting to the farmers and it means matching the passion of the farmers with their passion for roasting. One Line Coffee will offer fresh-roasted whole bean 12 ounce coffee pouches as an add-on to our CSA subscription (options include every other week or monthly). One Line Coffee has also committed to donating $1.00 per pouch to Coffee Kids. Coffee Kids is a non-profit that works with local organizations in Latin America to create programs in education, health awareness, microcredit, food security and capacity building in coffee-farming communities. Make your money go further!


NEW TO 2014! Blue Owl Garden Emporium herb farm offers locally and sustainably grown culinary herbs, edible flowers, herbal seasoning blends and teas, and a variety of other unusual herbal concoctions.  With over 100 dried herbal products available for sale during the winter and an additional 125 fresh ones during the growing season, it's likely they can fill your every culinary herb need.  All grown in Licking Co. Ohio without synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers. They also offer fresh culinary mushrooms, grow-your-own mushroom logs, native bramble berries, and various other forest edibles in season from our tree farm, Blue Owl Hollow.  A fascination with unusual edibles ensures that they will always have something of interest available. Blue Owl is now offering a culinary herb subscription service in partnership with Bird's Haven Farm's 2014 CSA program.  Each week you will receive either a premium-quality whole-leaf dried culinary herb (with tried n' true recipe included),  or one of Blue Owl's unique signature herbal tea or culinary seasoning blends.  All herbs are packaged in re-usable, recycleable, and/or returnable glass jars.  The twenty week program costs $95/subscription.